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The 6 Strangest-Looking Ergonomic Chairs

Posted on 17th Nov 2011 @ 6:32 AM

Some people will do anything in an effort to improve their health -- and that includes looking like a fool. (Shake Weight, anyone?) This axiom even holds true in the world of ergonomic chairs. While the majority of consumers might settle for the standard multi-adjustable, comfortable office chair, some people just won't be swayed by anything less than the most outlandish and eccentric products they can find.

This is the list for them: the six strangest-looking ergonomic chairs.

  1. Kneeling ergonomic chair

This is the most common type of nontraditional ergonomic chair, but that doesn't make the design any less weird. It is intended to improve posture by keeping your spine straight while removing pressure from your back while you kneel on the pads. But the unmistakable truth is that chairs are like pants: yes, some people do buy them without backs, but they look REALLY strange using them.

  1. Stand angle chair


This product claims to "optimize blood flow" by opening up into several different positions (although the price tag of $1200 might be enough to get your blood boiling). The end result is that it looks more like a "Transformers"-style office chair. In fact, the bottom right quadrant appears to resemble something Hannibal Lecter would be wheeled around in.

  1. Gaiam balance ball chair

No, they didn't rip a chair seat off of a frame and stick a Hippity Hop ball on it. This chair forces you to sit up straight, thus relieving pressure from your back and shoulders and transferring it to your body's core area. Now you too can combine the soul-sucking drudgery of office work with the pain and agony of exercise equipment!

  1. ErgoChair


You may be tempted to call it the "Egg-o Chair." But this ErgoChair, which was created by a flock of engineers, health practitioners, and physicians inSwitzerland, claims to offer benefits similar to those of the abovementioned balance ball chair … even if it does look like you're perched on a mobile kegstand at a frat house.

  1. Neber


Neber is a German word. It translates into English as "recumbent bicycle minus wheels and pedals plus monitor and keyboard." But the Korean company who makes the Neber believes that the comfortable reclining position which it provides for the user helps boost employee productivity. That's probably true - because it looks like it will take the average worker about a half hour just to climb out of the thing.

  1. Fluid Ribbon chair


Developed by a biomechanical engineer, the Fluid Ribbon Chair ostensibly provides appropriate back support in the right places. Its split design allows both sides of the chair to move independently, thus promoting constant tiny bodily movements to lubricate joints (the layman refers to these movements as "struggling to get comfortable"). The good news: if you don't like using it in your office, you can always plop it in your den and call it modern art.

Image credits: ergonomicoffices.net, gearfuse.com, thisnext.com, actureans.com, freshpilot.com, trendir.com

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