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Wing Balans Kneeling Chair By Varier

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Warranty Information

  • promotes active sitting
  • easy to adjust
  • strengthens back muscles


The seconds are ticking away, and the deadline is looming, but your productivity is still high. The Wing balans® promotes active sitting and keeps you breathing deeply, giving your energy levels and powers of concentration an invaluable boost.

The Wing balans® supports you in the open balans® ‘kneeling’ posture instead of the erect or right-angled posture imposed by traditional office chairs. This creates a balanced torso and allows your spine to find its natural curve while strengthening your back muscles. With an open angle between torso and thighs breathing and thus oxygen supply is enhanced. The casters make it ideal for work that involves a lot of movement. They are flexible, so the chair responds to your body weight to tip you forwards or backwards, encouraging regular shifts in posture. The Wing balans® also comes with an adjustable gas lift, making it easily adjustable to a range of activities and different desk heights.

"Theres no better time than now to harness your peak potential and transform your life."
- Paul Chek

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