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The 5 Most Ergonomic Bathroom Items

Posted on 7th Oct 2011 @ 2:13 PM

Quick: What's the most ergonomically-challenging room in your home? You might think it'd be the home office, when you crouch over your computer, or even the living room, where you spend so much time slouching on the sofa. But we suggest to you that the bathroom is actually the room that's the hardest on your poor little joints. Don't believe us? Consider this: much of what we do in the bathroom every day -- shaving, washing, brushing our teeth -- is composed of a series of repetitive motions. And unlike your home office setup, the simple addition of an ergonomic chair won't help. (Also: You will look really strange if you try it.)

Fortunately, there are plenty of ergonomic products to lessen the strain. Here are a few of our favorite ergonomic bathroom items.


1. Radius Scuba Left Hand Toothbrush 


This ergonomic toothbrush comes in a right-handed version as well, but we started our list with the lefty, out of respect for our readers who shop at the Leftorium. Comes in a variety of colors, but for our money, you can't beat the taxicab yellow one.


2. Gillette Fusion Proglide Power Razor 


A sort of combination manual/electric razor, the Gillette Fusion has an ergonomically-designed grip, a blade stabilizer to "maintain precise blade spacing for optimal comfort" and thin, fine blades with anti-resistance coating. It also has batteries and a microchip, which makes this razor essentially four wheels away from being a tiny little car.


3. Mommy's Helper Safer Grip Foot Rest 


Our nominee for Best Ever Name of an Ergonomic Product is the Mommy's Helper Safer Grip Foot Rest. If you've ever shaved your legs in a shower without a ledge on which to rest your foot, you'll appreciate this little eight-dollar wonder.


4. Buckingham Easy Wipe 


This product has a fancy name and is fit for your butt. Enough said.


5. Lu La Bath Brush 



With an articulated 23-inch handle, if this brush doesn't reach all your hard-to-reach places, it's probably just time to soak instead. Per the description: "It folds in half for storage, opens to a useful 90 degrees to wash your neck, further opens another 45 degrees to help you wash your back and then extends to a full 180 degrees to help you reach your feet." We liked Cathio's comment: "This is a good back brush. It has rubber dealios as well … Good for back and other hard to reach places."


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