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The 5 Most Ergonomic Earphones

Posted on 7th Oct 2011 @ 1:07 PM

With digital devices becoming smaller and more powerful, people are starting to really enjoy listening to higher-quality sound on the go. But even the best mp3 player, tablet computer, or smartphone won't sound good if the headphones aren’t good. Plus, the audio experience loses something when those earphones cause you pain or keep falling out of your ears.

Thankfully, companies are starting to manufacture headphones with a focus on ergonomics as well as sound quality. Here are the five most ergonomic earpieces on the market today.

1. Klipsch Custom 2 Headphones



 Klipsch is a name that has been familiar to high-end speaker aficionados since the 1940s. The customer reviews certainly sing the praises of the comfortable fit of this product. But other users give the Custom 2 low marks for sound quality and note a kinking problem with the wires.

2. Bose IE2 Audio Headphones



Bose is attempting to incorporate its astonishing sound quality into a pair of in-ear headphones. The IE2 boasts its "StayHear" tips, which are designed to keep the earbuds in place for hours of comfort. However, a few users report some soreness in the ears after a relatively short period of time.


3. Anskit "Stay True" Skull Earphones



Anskit tries to maximize comfort for the headphone wearer with its unusual curved design and a selection of five different silicon earbud tips. Users are impressed by the way these headphones feel and by their superb performance right out of the box. Plus, the hip "skull design" adds a bit of fashion to a person's overall look.


4. Westone 1 Earphones


These in-ear headphones are touted as being lightweight and ergonomically-designed to stay inside your ears. Users tend to agree, but most reviews generally focus on the supreme comfort this product provides when compared to other brands. The Westone 1 also features professional grade cable to cut down on noise.

5. Bowers & Wilkins C5 In-Ear Headphones




Engineers at this British loudspeaker company weren't impressed with the earbuds currently on the market, so they started from scratch and built a new product from the ground up. B&W began by adding a cushioned "Secure Loop" which fits inside the inner ear to hold the earphones in place, and then weighted the earbud casing with a bit of tungsten to improve stability. The result is a revolution in mobile audio performance that can keep up with runners, mountain bikers, and even break dancers.

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