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4 Things You’re Wearing That May Be Causing You Pain

Posted on 3rd Sep 2011 @ 6:55 PM

Here's a riddle for the ladies… What do accessories have in common with men? They tend to cause pain in women's lives.

With everything that a woman does to make herself beautiful, it's easy to forget that some of these measures can actually have a negative effect on a woman's health. Here are four such items:


  1. Shoes. You knew this would top the list, didn't you? Shoe manufacturers have mastered the art of making footwear narrow enough to choke the energy out of any woman's foot. Raising the heel a few inches might flatter the claves, but it can do a number on the female back, heels, and upper legs. (And let's not get started on stiletto heels!) But the most disheartening thing about women's shoes is that you'd think a simple sandal or flat would alleviate those problems - but many such shoes still put pressure on a woman's feet and back. That's why so many women spend countless hours on their quest for a pair of comfortable shoes with even a modicum of style. Do you hear that, entrepreneurs? There’s an ergonomic shoe market waiting for you!


  2. Purses or handbags. Have you seen the monstrosities that adorn a woman's shoulder these days? Some are bigger than what you'd see on the back of a camper who is heading out for a week-long stay in the wilderness. These handbags may be able to hold more of a woman’s necessities, but they can also throw her shoulder, neck, and back out of whack with repeated use. Even regular-sized purses can put steady pressure on these areas and cause pain.


  3. Earrings. Some women's earrings are so enormous that you instinctively jump back when they turn their head so you won't get hit. These accessories can certainly help a woman to create a style all her own - but they also act as (not so) small weights on her ears. When worn continuously for many days in a row, large earrings can add strain to the neck and upper back area. Of course, stud earrings aren't completely guiltless - though lightweight, they can irritate the earlobe and the pierced holes to cause discomfort (and even infection in rare cases).


  4. Hair Clips Sure, they're good at keeping hair from jumping all over the place, but if alligator hair clips, barrettes, and similar items clamp too tightly on a woman's hair, they can cause scalp pain and soreness. Sometimes, the pain can develop into headaches that are strong enough to distract her from her daily routine.


While eliminating these accessories altogether is not always practical, being aware of their potential consequences can at least help a woman take proactive steps to alleviate the pain and/or monitor how long they are worn. After all, beauty may be skin deep; but pain can spread all the way to the core of the body.

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