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5 Everyday Items That Still Aren't Ergonomic

Posted on 3rd Sep 2011 @ 6:09 PM

First came ergonomic chairs, and the working world was finally able to type its life away in perfect comfort. Then came a host of other, much more bizarre ergonomic items like yoga mats and meditation chairs. But what about the things that should be ergonomic, but aren't? Think of how our lives would be improved if the following things were actually comfortable.


1. Airplane seats.


Airplane seats are so notoriously uncomfortable that even talking about them is a cliche worthy of the worst 1980s comedian. Bringing them up seriously makes us feel like we should be doing standup in front of a fake brick wall. Possibly while wearing shoulder pads. But still ... they are the worst, amirite? And seriously, folks, who do we have to *bleep* around here to get a comfy seat on an airplane? Folks?


2. Bar stools.


This is a harder sell. Obviously, you don't need to sit on a bar stool in order to fly across the country, and you don't probably don't need to sit on a bar stool in order to do your job. (Unless you are a beer tester, in which case, please tell us how you got this gig.) Still, many of us like to spend the occasional hour perched on a stool in our local tavern. Is it too much to ask that it be a bit more comfortable?


3. Subway poles.


Subway poles are gross. They're germy, they're grimy, and they're often being held onto by people with whom you'd prefer not to share personal space. Also, they're not very ergonomic. At best, your wrist is cocked at a weird angle. At worst -- during rush hour, for example -- you're groping for space way above your head or way below your waist.


4. Cell phones.


We keep hearing about new phone designs that will be easier on our poor little wrists and thumbs. But if they've made it to market, they must've been crushed by the iPhone. Because we sure haven't had the pleasure of using them.


5. S'mores skewers.


Just kidding: These are totally unnecessary. But they would be a hilarious and delicious way to make our fortune.

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