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The 4 Coolest-Looking Ergonomic Chairs for the Senior Circuit

Posted on 3rd Sep 2011 @ 4:45 PM

This may come as a shock to some people, but it's true: it is possible to be a senior citizen and be "cool" at the same time.

Elder statesmen and stateswomen can dress in the latest fashions and drive a sporty car rather than the stereotypical extra-large sedan. And hey -- if you're a senior citizen and you're reading this, you're cool enough to surf the Internet, right?

That's why senior citizens don't have to settle for ergonomic chairs that look like they belong in a hospital. Or a thrift store furniture department. Or a funeral home.

With the U.S. population aging, ergonomic chair manufacturers have begun marketing to members of the AARP crowd who aren't ready to fade away into the sunset just yet. That means there is an impressive collection of ergonomic chairs that actually mix in some fashion along with their function. Here are some examples:


 1. Bella High Seat High Back Chair


This item is attractive enough to be placed in almost any room in a home. Its seat height of up to 19 inches helps to reduce strain on the body when the sitter gets out of it. Also, the comfortable split back provides extra support for a person's head and lumbar regions, while the extra-wide upholstered arms and the polished wood knuckles provide both comfort while sitting and additional gripping assistance while standing up.


2. Hitch Mylius Edith Chair


This chair features an ultramodern look created by Kenneth Grange, an accomplished product designer (who also happens to be 82 years old). Its integral frame is outfitted with a one-piece molding to give the chair its flowing lines and contemporary curves. Plus, the back is higher and the seat is tilted slightly to make getting out of it a breeze.


 3. Royal Lancaster Luxury Rocking Chair


This isn't your grandmother's old rocking chair. Whereas traditional wood and wicker rockers are low-seated and unsteady, this chair comes with a high seat and comfy seat cushion, in addition to an attractive fabric back with "wings." Plus, getting in and out of this rocking chair takes hardly any effort at all!


 4. Pride Elegance Lift Chair


This product looks exactly like any other lounger or recliner that you would find in a home. It is made of blown fiber and comes with arm covers and full chaise padding. But in addition to three reclining positions, it also raises up and tilts forward to assist the person in standing up.

So if you're a "well-seasoned individual," you don't have to settle for drab, depressing ergonomic chairs for your home. After all, there's only one place for mismatching, unstylish furniture: a college dorm room.

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