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Different Types of Ergonomic Keyboards

Posted on 7th Jul 2011 @ 9:30 PM

An ergonomic keyboard is a special kind of computer keyboard designed with ergonomic properties. Ergonomics studies how certain equipments and devices should be designed to fit the human body to prevent strain injuries. The ergonomic keyboard is designed to minimize the strain of the muscles in the hands. Unlike the normal keyboards, ergonomic keyboards are made in a V shape to allow the hands to work in a natural angle that will not cause muscular pain. There are many kinds of ergonomic keyboard and we will know the difference of each one.

Kinds of Ergonomic Keyboards

Split Keyboard – this type of ergonomic keyboard can either be a fixed-type keyboard or the adjustable split ergonomic keyboard. Although both are split ergonomic keyboards, they vary in little ways. The fixed-type keyboard is a typical keyboard but with the keys separated intro two or three groups. These groups are different angles to allow the user a different angle other than the normal keyboard. The adjustable split keyboard is composed of two or more pieces so that when the user wants to change the angle, he can adjust the angle of the keyword with ease. Contoured Keyboard – are ergonomic keyboards which are variations of the split keyboard. However, in this ergonomic keyboard, the keyboard keys are grouped and separated at shoulder width, with function keys placed between the keyboard groups that can be accessed using the thumb. This design was made to minimize the movement of the arms and the wrist.

Angled Split Keyboard – is another ergonomic keyboard. This is sometimes called the Klockenburg keyboard and is similar to the split keyboard. What differs in angled split keyboard is that the middle part of the keyboard is not flat and dented upwards. This is done so that the index fingers will be higher than the pinkies. This means that you will not get tired easily even though you are using the keyboard for such a long time.

Foam Assisted Keyboard – can either be one of the ergonomic keyboards listed above. The distinction for these kinds of keyboard is that this is laden with supports made out of foam. These foam supports are to minimize movement of the user’s arms and most importantly the user’s wrist.

Other kinds of Ergonomic Keyboards – these are the keyboards that don’t belong to any of the types listed above. There are ergonomic keyboards whose keys are fixed and arranged in a vertical so that when the user types his/her hands stay perpendicular to the ground. Others make extremely colorful and even movable and adjustable according to the needs of the keyboard’s users. There are keyboards even that don’t need any keys but other ergonomic keyboards can also have two values in one key.

Depending on the preference as well as the functions of the keyboard, users can choose what is best for them based on the list above. No matter what ergonomic keyboard they are going to use, they can be assured that they’ll not experience muscle strain when using the keyboard for a long time.

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